Security Guard

We have devised the security guard services as per the risks, challenges and threats, risks and challenges in distinct domains including industrial markets, retail, institutional, commercial, and residential specific to Surrey in British Columbia.

Commercial & Office Security

Our experienced and trained security guard are dexterous in perimeter protection, intrusion detection and access control. The team is able to respond effectively in responding during the emergency, security breaches and professional yet friendly customer service. 

Malls And Retail Security

For a business to be successful it is very essential to create and live in the ambience of constant yet non-invasive security. This leads to attracting more customers. We understand the retail environments and so our security guard personnel ensure to bridge the gap between client service and continual vigilance. They are ever ready to respond actively to a broad range of incidents.

Institutional And School Security

The school security personnel comprehend the institutional environment and for a successful security program, all things are considered including cultural factors, age differences and religious observations. We understand the needs and assign the personnels are per the client needs. 

Industrial Security

Fast and worthwhile responses to medical emergencies, fires, access violations, mechanical issues, shipping and receiving matters, safety and health issues holds crucial place to the industrial security. All actions taken are approached in a professional manner while maintaining safety and accuracy in the industry area.

Mobile Patrols

Highly Trained & Ready

The Mobile Patrol Security Guard Service is handled by highly trained mobile patrol supervisors. We offer the service to a varied number of clients which includes business, commercial and residential properties. 

Professional mobile security guards, available where and when you need them, 24/7 and 365 days a  year.  Mobile guard solutions are flexible.  You can schedule them for specialized tasks.  You can arrange staggered, multiple visits so unwanted elements leave your property alone.  Mobile Patrol Security can protect your home, your office, your retail store, your facility, your site, your event, and more. 

Specific Benefits of Professional Mobile Security Guard

  • Available round the clock and 365 days a year
  • Flexible services
  • Specialized task scheduling

Special Event Security Solution

Everybody wants to make an event successful, and to provide their guests a safe and enjoyable experience. In this case even minute things matter. Our services makes sure that everything goes well. We ensure safety and alleviate risks, by incorporating senior security guard staff as team leaders. All other security guard staff are trained professionals with effective communication skills, crowd control, access control and emergency control.  

  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Performance Art Show
  • Outdoor Festivals

Home Protection Program

Uniphi Enterprise provides private Home Protection programs and related security services for customers in both commercial markets and residential areas.

This service is designed to prevent and respond to criminal activity, safeguard properties, homes and clients and also encourage residential neighbourhoods to unite for collaborative actions on protecting their communities. The program is flexible with multiple options and can also be designed as per the needs of the clients. Mobile patrol supervisors conduct patrols in client’s neighbourhoods, in order to keep alert to changes and potential security threats.

Commercial & Residential Alarm Responses

The service is fast, reliable and efficient, as security guard personnel have a support structure which report incidents and receive additional directions. The support structure encapsulates round the clock dispatch service, mobile patrol supervisors who regularly conduct site inspection and management representatives round the clock. orange

Security Consulting Service

The professionals at Uniphi Enterprise work with the specific needs of clients and generate effective, cost-efficient, and reliable physical security advice and assessments based on industry standards. The services are ideal for religious centers, private homes, commercial plazas, private homes, community centers, and other facilities. 

Uniphi Enterprises

Uniphi Enterprise Inc. is a private security company providing security solutions, and services in British Columbia. Our services are ethical and customer oriented. We hire dedicated and skillful staff members who provide solutions considering the client requirements.

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